The content of TCPS 2: CORE was developed by the staff of the Secretariat on Research Ethics and the Panel on Research Ethics. The design of the tutorial was built upon the Course on Human Research Participant Protection developed by Queen's University. Thanks are due to all those who had a part in the development, implementation and evaluation of TCPS 2: CORE.

Panel on Research Ethics

Samuel Ludwin
Anne Dooley
Patrick O'Neil
Pierrette Fontin
Michel Bergeron
Édith DeLeury
Martin Schecter
Deborah Fels
Lisa Givens
James Lavery
James Frederis
Judith Bartlett

Secretariat on Research Ethics

Susan Zimmerman
Laura-Lee Balkwill
Wendy Burgess
Hanan Abdel-Akher
Sara Esam
Thérèse DeGroote
Heather Dana Munroe
Guylaine Ménard
Suzanne Bertrand

Queen's University Development Team

Joan Stevenson
Brenda Brouwer
Albert Clark
Lyn Shula
Neal Pilger
Lee Fabrigar
Laura-Lee Balkwill
Denise Stockley
Susan Wood
Susan Marlin
Julie Buchan

Technical Support

Albert Choi
Vivian Lam
Liam Egan
Rylan Egan
DrDesign Inc.
Daniel Blain
Richard Fontaine

Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards (CAREB) Professional Development Committee (Module 8)

Diane Martz
Karen Szala-Meneok
Rachel Zand
Diana Raymond-Watts
Ilde Lepore