TCPS 2: CORE-2022 (Course on Research Ethics)

The Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2) provides ethics guidance that applies to all research involving human participants – including their data and/or biological materials – conducted under the auspices of an institution eligible for funding by the federal Agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC).

The online tutorial CORE-2022 (Course on Research Ethics) is an introduction to the TCPS 2 for the research community. It focuses on the TCPS 2 ethics guidance that is applicable to all research involving human participants, regardless of discipline or methodology.

The Panel on Research Ethics highly recommends that all researchers who intend to engage in research involving human participants, as well as REB members and administrators, successfully complete the new CORE-2022. Institutions may also have policies in place that make its completion mandatory.

CORE-2022 consists of nine modules and a knowledge consolidation exercise:
Module A1 - Introduction
Module A2 - Scope of TCPS 2
Module A3 - Risks and Benefits
Module A4 - Consent
Module A5 - Fairness and Equity
Module A6 - Privacy and Confidentiality
Module A7 - Conflicts of Interest
Module A8 - Research Ethics Board Review
Module A9 - Research Involving Indigenous Peoples
Knowledge Consolidation Exercise

Please note that all modules and the knowledge consolidation exercise should be completed in the language that you have selected in your user profile.

The modules are numbered in the suggested order. However, they can be completed in any order and can be used to review individual topics. Each module ends with 4-5 quiz questions for you to test the knowledge that you have acquired. CORE-2022 also includes a knowledge consolidation exercise consisting of 25 multiple-choice questions randomly selected from a larger question bank. To obtain a CORE-2022 Certificate of Completion, you will need to correctly respond to 20 questions (80%). Those who do not correctly respond to at least 20 questions will not obtain a Certificate of Completion. However, they will have the opportunity to retake the knowledge consolidation exercise.

Completing CORE-2022 should take approximately 4 hours. The course is self-paced. It is therefore possible to complete the different modules over multiple sessions. All the modules must be completed before taking the knowledge consolidation exercise.